Application Development

Development Approach


AG Softech follow Agile methodology so that we can deliver best in class solutions. We follow complete software development life cycle.


We first understand the complete requirement we also knows that requirement can be change and also new requirements can come up in any phase of the project and we happily entertain those. But we try to minimize such situations. If you are not clear on the requirement we help you to define the scope.

We use latest technology to develop the software and also put our vast experience into that so that we can have best in class product. 

After development we test the application regressively to make sure we identify and correct all defects before it goes to the customer. We do Unit testing, Integration testing, Component interface testing, System testing then User Acceptance testing.

Once we are done with Testing at out end and we are satisfy with the product we deliver it to client we make sure that it has been implemented correctly and we also watch very closely about the products and help clients as much as possible to make it happen. 

Once product has been implemented at client side we also provide training to the end users as well as key people so that users can use the product also helps in adoption to make sure that product is being used by users. We train key people so that they can take care of future training of the new users.

Once product is up and running our job is still not over we are there to support you in case anything goes wrong we promptly respond as we believe in long term relationships. If there is any change/new requirement/ expansion we are there to help you.